South Coast Dairy

Welcome to South Coast Dairy

Thank you for taking the time to consider our award winning dairy products. We are a family owned co-operative that is continuing a tradition established by our forebears when they had the vision to create a Co-op to enable a fair and sustainable price for our milk, and access to fair pricing and easy availability for the inputs we needed to sustain our farms.

Today we have 6 families that are members of our Co-op and we have 20 employees. We believe in providing our customers with a compelling value proposition through excellent service and the safest, highest quality dairy food products, whilst providing a safe, healthy, positive and collaborative work environment for our staff and being a highly valued member of our community.

“The Berry Co-op” as we are known, was founded in the Berry Central Creamery, built on the present factory site in 1895. We were soon shipping award-winning butter to Sydney, and shortly after, exporting to England. Our member farms were settled and developed by hand by our forebears through sheer hard work and determination, developing highly productive pastures aided by the plentiful local rainfall and mild climate.

In 2005 our brand South Coast Dairy was developed to bring a fresh milk into the local market. In 2016, completely funded by the Co-op, we constructed and commissioned a new processing and bottling plant here in Berry with separation, pasteurisation, homogenisation and bottling/bagging capacity. We are looking to develop and grow our product lines to included flavoured milk, artisan butters and other boutique manufactured dairy products in the near future.

Our hard work to continuing to produce the safest, highest-quality dairy food products is being continually recognised by peak industry with awards and accolades around a number of South Coast Dairy products, recently with 4 Gold, 5 Silver and a Bronze medal from the 2018 Dairy & Cheese Awards associated with the Royal Sydney Shows, a runner up in the 2018 Australian Grand Dairy Awards.

Connecting to our dairy farmers is more important than ever, knowing where our milk comes from and who produces it. Farming is much more than a job, it’s a way of life and runs deep through families across generations and generations.

Our six dairy farmer suppliers work hard and have carefully selected their herds, nurturing their health and well-being on some of the richest pastures to be found anywhere in Australia.

Here at South Coast Dairy we have a passion, a love and are so very proud of what we produce … something we like to call liquid GOLD. We look forward to doing business with you in the very near future.